The Purpose

The “Illuminated Ones” have come to me over a period of time,
each as unexpected as the last and each radiating a distinct and tangible personality.

They are in fact Avatars, a compilation of several different energies in one point of focus, a face. A Divine manifestation of Potential.

They seem to morph and transfigure before your very eyes.

Each “face” is representative of “The Collective of Universal Consciousness”, the “Wise Ones”  who speak in “Silent Voices” with ability to bring the viewer to a stillness, and hold them within a clear and steady gaze.

This is not confrontational, but it is indeed challenging, there is no hiding place and they do not compromise their countenance.

You may rest within that gaze and find a deeper sense of peace and balance pervades the Soul.

The “Illuminated Ones” are at once Ancient and Cosmic, of this moment and belonging to Eternity,

Universal and yet deeply intimate.

They are multidimensional beings of Light, aspects of “All That Is” ; “Source” or the Godhead.

The words they bring are beautiful; breathtaking, borne on Love, delivered in Light and Truth.

Let these words settle within your Heart Centre. They hold keys to your own Self.

Read them out loud, let them fly, to imprint their vibration upon the very air we breathe.

Share them with others, let them rise and fall like birds on the wing, swoop and flow and dive to the deepest level of your being.

You may recognise something familiar within their strangeness. Find your own Truth within them. A Higher sense of Self.

Do not be fearful of their Silence, this is when they deliver their most powerful knowledge for Humanity.

Their words are held within the spaces in our Silence, let them find you within your Stillness.

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