was always a scribbly kid, happiest with a big packet of crayons or a box of paints and plenty of paper to work on.

Leaving school at 16, she went straight to Warrington College of Art to study a foundation course and learn the “correct” way to paint and draw. By following her love of art, she met the love of her life Martin, now her husband. A further 3 years spent studying Fashion and Textiles at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic armed her with a 1st class BA (hons) degree and licence to go out and take on the fickle world of fashion. For 25 years Alison worked in a high flying career of glamour and triviality, fretting about frocks and losing sleep over hem lengths. The experience held many lessons for her, including a high profile redundancy, stress induced cancer and an almost crippling confidence crisis. There were many moments of pure magic and joy, but eventually the gloss wore thin enough for her to see through it all. Taking a positive decision to work as a Freelance Consultant freed Alison to investigate other interests. . .including some personal and spiritual development through Reiki healing; initially as a client, but soon taking 1st and 2nd degree attunement.

It seems, this was a necessary route to open up the channels to get the “access” in place for what was to come. Since November 2001, when the very first angel made its surprise appearance in paint, Alison has increasingly dedicated herself to the work of bringing in the LIGHT. Over 5 years, her work has evolved to become ever more dynamic and emotionally challenging. Working from her small studio in Nottingham, Alison creates her paintings and produces her cards and other “DiViNELY INSPiRED PRoDuCTS” under the direct supervision of the Angelic Realms. Her work has flown internationally, as far a field as Canada, Hawaii, Japan, China, Europe and the USA. Working in a down to earth, modest way, Alison allows the angels to take centre stage and is always delighted when “EVeRYDaY ANGeLS” are recognised, and she, as the artist steps aside and lets them get on with it.”

Alisons own statement ~ 


“I was never looking for angels when they first came into my life. . . but they found me anyway. Everything has unfolded from a delightful point of absolute ignorance, a blank canvas, literally!

As an artist, working with the most powerful and healing of angelic energies, I am guided to share many of my personal experiences of this incredible; magical journey through my talks and workshops. There is no script, save that which is already engraved upon my soul as Truth. Everything is channelled to me and through me. Words and images bypass the brain and emerge fully formed and untainted by my own “ideas” onto the page.

The angels speak for themselves through my paintings. They touch the soul at a deeply profound level and are “experienced” rather than simply “seen”. Of course, the visual images are beautiful, breathtaking even, but the true impact of their presence is felt once a relationship has been established.

Many Lightworkers use the paintings as tools, to support and magnify their own work with clients and patients. Others are happy to simply enhance a home environment by radiating positive energy from the mantelpiece.

The angels have many gifts to deliver, it is not for me to know or reveal what those are. There exists a precious bond between angel and human where such things are shared, when the moment is perfect. 

Often I am asked “What will the angels do for me then?” The truthful answer is “ I don’t know”. . . that is between you and your angel.

Work from the heart with LOVE not sentimentality. These angels are often emotionally challenging and very direct.

My angels introduce themselves as “EVeRYDaY ANGeLS” because that is exactly what they are. They have changed my life and the lives of many ohers.

Let us share the miracle of angels together in Unity, Love and Laughter . . . . a warm embrace of the divine with extra twinkles on top.”

If you would like to find out more about my very personal journey with the angels, my book "According to my Angels" is now available on Amazon or through Balboa Press 



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