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"This playful Mermaid comes to you riding the wave of happiness!
Bearing the gift of joy and love, she reminds us of the importance of playfulness and lightheartedness.
Let the eddy and flow of the currents of life take you to new, exciting shores where you can explore and run free.
Learn to surf the big waves and simply jump.. . . . over the smaller ones!
Sometimes we just forget how to have FuN in our day to day existence.
Let this Memaid enter your life and let the fun begin!
Dive deep. . . and find your treasure." ~

On a very dull and wet Tuesday morning, this lively little Mermaid has made it's debut in my Studio.
Historically, Mermaids have only ever come to me in the spring, maybe it is their migration season.
The very first one, which must have been around 2003/4 maybe, went off to live in Hawaii.
I remember the shock of "feeling" her emerge in her energy form.
It was rather like holding a small, slippery very lively monkey, and I could feel her tail wrapped around my wrist as I worked with her.
I love how indistinct the mermaids are, you could easily miss them. The upper body, head and arms appears to be made of a clear opaque material rather like a jellyfish, and the tail is more like the ever changing skin of a cuttlefish or octopus. The hair is like that of the weedy seadragons and looks like fronds of seaweed. I was advised by the first Mermaid that the hair is like antenna, or cats whiskers, exploring the environment and allowing the Mermaid to tune into the oceans and meteorological energies. Sadly, they often get bits of flotsam and jetsom caught in their hair, and it can look very pretty and interesting but is reduces the sensitivity of the environmental connection. This one, carries a few bright "jewels" but they were very much asked for, so I obliged!
Yes, the Mermaid is very playful by it's nature, but it is also a very important "Gate Keeper" to the health and well being of our Oceans and the creatures that live within it. Of course, without healthy oceans, we cannot have healthy land either.
I am just reminded to mention that there is another type of Mermaid called an "Undine" which lives in the brackish waters where freshwater river meets the sea. They look very similar, but the Undine has a slightly different role, helping the water to make the transition from fresh to salt. They are rather more serious in their nature and not so "glitzy" although still very beautiful.
I hope this little Mermaid  has brightened your day!
~ A~

The original artwork is 8" x 16" on canvas as is avaible for £255 plus p&p depending on where it is shipped to. 

Available as a  A4 print , hand finished with my special materials ready for framing @ £15  P&P is usally £1.50 per single delivery UK or £5 overseas . 
C6 cards with coordinating envelopes £4 each plus P&P £1.50 per single delivery Uk 
C5 cards with plain ivory envelopes £7 each plus £1.50 p&p 

Payment by BACS or Paypal thank you x 



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