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I recommend these books as they are amongst my personal favourites and have all, in some way made a difference to my life and my perceptions. My list is by no way exhausted and I do find new "favourites" all the time, but these are ones I go back to in my quiet moments, when I just need to unfurl for a while. 

Sometimes these books challenged my understanding of things; sometimes they clarified my thinking, other times they made me laugh, and often they opened my heart up. These are a diverse selection from the many books I have read, enjoyed, and shared on the journey.

PS: I am sure you will forgive me popping my own, recently published tome at the top of the pile! I am assured it is a very compelling read! 

  •  According to my Angels" by Alison Knox ~ Published by Balboa Press in December 2015, my own up close and very personal,wholly experiental story of awakening to working with angels. A true labour of love, a collaborative accord between human and angels. Find it on  or through Amazon 
  •  I remember Union – the story of Mary Magdelena - Flo Aeveia Magdalena: This book found its way into my life recently and changed everything. A beautiful and unsentimental account of the relationship between two of the most significant and controversial people who ever lived. A resonance within my heart opened which cannot be named.
  • Sunlight on Water ~ Flo Aevia Magdalena ~ a manual for "Soul full living" which inviters the reader to respond to, rather than merely read, the contents. It carries a charge, and a challenge, and to hold it, is to feel someting alive and sacred within your hands. To read it, is to remember.  
  • Supercoherence ~ The Return To Love by Thrity Engineer ~ Why is it with all the advances in science and technology and all the prayers and teachings of the Great Ones over the millenia, humanity is still so caught in the cycle of suffering? Thrity Engineer has the answer, and the tools to help us return to our perfect state of ZERO, coherent, free from suffering and fully present. The next question you have to ask yourself is whether you have the courage to accept her evolutionary Gift, and to use it.
  • Spiritual Wisdom by Claire Montanaro ~ This wise and grounded Spiritual Teacher explains the mysteries of the ancient truths and how they fit into contemorary life and how they apply to you. Having previously worked in a successful Corporate career, Claire crosses boundaries with ease and grace to show us that boundaries are anyway just an illusion. 
  • Mans Search for Meaning ~ Viktor Frankl  A classic tribute to hope from the holocaust, written withiout drama, ego or spin, from a very personal experience of living with horror and death. I had this book on my shelf for many years before i dared to read it. I am so glad I did. This book teaches us that it is our attitude to our existence that makes it meaningful . . . or not. When all else is stripped away, the last of human freedoms is our ability to choose our attitude in a given set of circumstances. Humbling. 
  • "Talking with Angels" ~ Gitta Mallasz This modest looking book is one of the most pure and personally resonant accounts of what it means to speak directly with angels. A series of notes and protocols describing actual events which took place in Hungary between 1943 and 1944. I almost hear my own voice within its pages. 
  • To Hear The Angels Sing ~ Dorothy McClean A Founder of the Findhorn Movement, Dorothy McClean shares an insiring and honest account of a journey of self discovery, from wartime employment with the British Government,to an awareness of those forces which overlight and give order to Creation ~ the angelic Kingdoms.
  • The Gentleman and The Faun ~ R Ogilvie Crombie Also linked to the Findhorn Movement,Roc followed a path from a childhood wish made with a dropped penny in a wishing well  "to see fairies and to talk to them" to an encounter with a Faun in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, and eventually developing a relationship with the great God Pan himself. This book helped me to understand my own relationship with nature and its elementals.
  • Initiation ~ Elisabeth Haitch  Written at the request of her advanced yoga students, this illuminating biography connects an upper middle class family life in Budapest with a that of an Initiate in Ancient Egypt. (I was fascinated to link the timing of this womans experience with that of Gitta Mallasz "Talking with Angels", both lived through the invasion of Budapest by the Nazis, and Elisabeth was forced to leave Hungary at the end of WW2 ) This is the clearest, profound and most resonant account of past life experience at the time of the original Pharoahs that I have ever come across.
  • The Invitation ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer  Originally a poem which gained International following, this book tells the story behind it. I love the honesty, the raw and often unpretty truth. This poem, would be a "desert island" choice for me! I refer to it regularly and if you have never read it, here it is
  • The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran: my all time favourite “desert island” choice of reading. This book has the wisdom of the ages encapsulated in a timeless tale that speaks of love, marriage, joy, sorrow, reason, passion, beauty and death. A tale told with compassion and hope for the unity of mankind and a personal oasis of solace and wisdom in this chaotic age. I always find something within its pages to help me see a way forward.
  • The Interrogative Mood - a novel? by Padgett Powell. Random and compelling questions, written in the style of a novel, make for a hypnotic and extraordinary read. Totally mad but compelling. 
  • One Life. 6 Words. What's yours? Smith magazine - Hemmingway was once challenged to write a story in 6 words. He wrote "For sale;baby shoes;never worn" . Everyone has a six word story to tell. 
  • Words are not things Jack Gardner - based on Zen philosophy, using unusual typography to interrupt habitual and predictable actions or thought processes. It prevents easy reading patterns and disrupts the readers comprehension of aphorism. 
  • EUPHONICS John Mitchell - the sonic alphabet , the natural meaning of sounds and their influences in the formation of words and language. A book for magicians, orators, and all those who use words for purposes of enchantment. 
  • EUNOIA - Christian Bok - the word means "beautiful thinking" it is the shortest word in the english language to contain all 5 vowels. 
  • WORDPLAY - John Langdon - This book shows us how we can expand our understanding of terms and concepts by looking at ambigrams. An ambigram is where language, science,philosophy and illusion come together in the design of a word which is manipulated to create a surpising illusion. 
  • ILLUSIONS - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah - Richard Bach. From the aouthour of Jonothan Livingston Seagull comes this lighthearted mystical adventure about two barnstorming vagabonds who meet in the fields of Midwest America messing about with joy rides in bi-planes. The question posed is "What if you met Jesus or Siddhartha or a superadvanced being . . . in day to day life?" It is a book to challenge perceptions and reality . . . and makes you think about the questions you ask! Barnstorming good fun!   
  • STARBOOK - Ben Okri - a magical tale of love and regeneration where a maiden and a Prince are tested by trials in a mythical land where art, initiation, and dynamic stillness are supremely important. To me this book tells of what it means to be an artist and what art tells us about who we are. The final chapter, chapter 22 ; I want engraved on my tombstone!
  • Mystery of The White Lions - Linda Tucker - A first hand account of the Shamanic journey to meet and begin to understand the most sacred animal on the African Continent. A series of co-incidences and often truly harrowing experiences draws the threads together in this extraordinary tale of God versus Man. 
  • The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho: for me this is his most powerful book. A fable about following your dream.(I do love many of his other writing too) 
  • Sorcerers's Apprentice - Tahir Shah - A true "journey of observation" through the underbelly of modern day India as the apprentice to Calcuttas tyrannical Master of Illusion, Hakim Feroze. A truly jaw dropping miasma of mystics, miracles, Godmen, baby renters and skeleton dealers, undertaken with a healthy dollop of gruelling trials and tribulations, plus agreat deal of warmth and genine humour.Not for the faint hearted!    
  • The Vintners Luck - Elizabeth Knox: I judged this book by its cover and the name of the author and the angels led me to a great test of my relationship with them. This is a novel, set in Burgundy in 1880 and chronicles the unfolding relationship between a young and troubled vintner, and a beautiful all too desirable angel. Unsentimental and often harrowing, this tale tore my heart out. Beautiful and shattering.
  • Desiderata - Max Ehrmann: this well known poem contains a timeless message of faith, hope and charity and provides a Universal anchor point for lifes bigger picture. My personal favourite version is published by Ebury Press ( A survival guide for Life),it is a small square format with an orange cover and some beautiful, evocative photographic images relevant to the world we live in today.
  • Thinking in Pictures - Temple Grandin: a personal account of life as an adult austistic with an entirely concrete and visual way of perceiving the world. She believes she thinks like animals, and is a foremost expert in the American meatpacking industry ensuring that animals are treated as humanely as possible through her personal understanding and insights into what scares and what comforts them. Amazing!
  • “The Holy man” and “The Holy Mans Journey” - Susan Trott: this quirky story encapsulates much of the human search for wisdom through a line of characters queuing up a mountain for an audience with The Holy Man. The second book, of “The journey” picks up the original story as The holy Man recognizes his successor and undertakes a trip to re-unite with his own former teacher. Told with wit and modern insight encouraging the reader to return to themselves for enlightenment.
  • The Essenes, Children of The Light - Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis: told through the technique of past life regression , this book unfolds the mysterious Essene knowledge and something of the life of the loving Being we know as Jesus, within that community. Not religious in any way!
  • A New Earth - Echkart Tolle: This book did not tell me anything “new” but reminded me of what I already knew. A simple proposition that we all have the power to make a difference; a new Earth begins with you (and me!).
  • The Way of The Peaceful Warrior and Sacred Journey of The Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman: a semi -fictional account of personal growth expressed in the spirit of the peaceful warrior called Socrates. A journey through the “lost years” of a life and finally reawakening to the true vision, purpose and faith that had been forgotten along the way.
  • The Red Tent ~ Anita Diamant An intimate and extrordinary tale of ancient womanhood and family honor. Shocking and gritty it follows the story of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and daughter to his 4 wives. In reading it,this book awakened a latent memory of a past life within me, and allowed me to find healing in this lifetime for the wound of injustice that had been meted out so long ago.  
  • Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens - Patricia Lynne Duffy: How synesthetes colour their world. A fascinating account of how it is to experience the world when the senses are switched or superimposed on each other. Can you “smell” colour? Do you “see” numbers as colours or shapes? Does music “sound” in colour? Synesthesia is a recognised syndrome and has some magical consequences, and some bizarre results. I can recognise some of the traits from my own childhood, this helped me to understand why I am able to do what I do now. . . painting angels.
  • What God Wants - Neale Donald Walsch: The latest in the “Conversations with God” series, which I did read and enjoy, but to be honest, this was the one that I needed to read. It is a powerful and undeniably provocative book which some institutions would probably prefer you didn’t read atall. I am not a religious person, but my relationship with God is absolute. This book helped me seal that surety.
  • Life is Short so Wear Your Party Pants - Loretta LaRoche: how I laughed when I read this! Life is not something to be endured, but to be appreciated and embraced, fully, wholly and with joy, gusto , passion love and laughter. My party pants are on. . . lets go!
  • The Secret of The Beloved Disciple - James F Twyman: an incredible account of part of the journey made by James Twyman (well known Emissary of Light and Peace Troubadour ). A community founded by St john the apostle has lived in seclusion for two thousand years. The time has come for their amazing secret to be revealed. Within the book, lies the account of the Jewish artist Jacqueline Ripstein who was commissioned to create a painting for a Christian organisation. Her work “Our Lady of The Universe” and her story of its creation resonated with me at such a deep level, I was almost breathless. I was given a great insight into what my own work was really about, at a time when things were very new to me and I understood virtually nothing! This book helped me to find and recognise the creator of my own "music" to support and amplify my work. 
  • Stargirl – Jerry Spinelli: this is really a childrens book, but it has a magical message for children of all ages. It tests the courage of those who don’t “fit”, who are “different” to be who they are without compromise. Celebrating non- conformity and the thrill of first love.
  • The Pig of Happiness - Edward Monkton: I just LOVE all this guys bizarre books and cards, he is undoubtedly a bonkers genius. This is a tale of an extraordinary pig who appoints itself “The pig of happiness” and undertakes to spread joy, smiles and radiant love to all who cross its path. Check out the website and prepare for a good giggle.
  • The Book of Stones - Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian: this epic tome is my ultimate crystal bible. Beautifully and clearly illustrated and presented in alphabetical order, it offer the most definitive guide in terms of scientific and geological info, and spiritual metaphysical properties. Ooooh, just holding it makes me go all tingly!
  • The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell: Explores how little things can create a BIG difference, that magic moment when ideas, trends and social behaviours cross an invisible threshold, tip, and spread like wildfire. I am practising the principle for “EVeRYDaY ANGeLS” to “tip” and become a “must have” in every home and workplace. . . in the world!
  • Ask and it is Given - Esther and Jerry Hicks: There are many, many books on the power of attraction, manifestation and positive thought, but this one “did it” for me. Channelled through a Collective Consciousness known as Abraham, we are reminded in simple language how WE are indeed responsible for our lives and the stuff that goes on in it. What we think about, positive or negative, we attract to us. What we “ask for” we can block and send back to the shop before we ever even see it. This book reminds us of how to ask and receive with gratitude and love.
  • In Search of Perfection - Heston Blumenthal: I am not a great fan of cookery books, but for me this was different. This is a man exploring his passion for perfection in the food he cooks, with a mind open to explore alternative ways of getting there. Sometimes completely impractical for the average domestic kitchen, his unwavering enthusiasm shines out and I have extended the challenge into other areas of my life. Impressed though I am with his efforts , I cannot agree with his method of cooking a “perfect” chicken. Sorry Heston!
  • Wise Women - Joyce Tenneson: A photographic celebration of women in the third phase of their lives through their insights, courage and beauty. From beautician to Supreme Court justice all of these women form a penetrating collection of portraits and voices of wisdom with humour, honesty and inspiration.
  • The Awakener: The time is now - Sandy Stevenson: There are many books which talk about the ascension process but this was one that resonated with my own heart. This book gives gives an overall picture of this evolutionary process and the agreements originally made by those now committed to bringing about these changes - the Lightworkers. We all have a part to play, step up to the mark and live your Light.
  • The Ladybird book of MINDFULNESS ~ This retro styled ,witty and slightly bonkers mickey take of us "wafty" types appears to my sense of humor and all the more so as "Alison" appears on page 24 and "Martin" (my hubby) appears on page 34 and both stories fit us perfectly! I do beleive you have to keep a degree of alacrity about you when you are working with this rather eosoteric stuff or you can get a bit too full of your own specialness! x  


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