More than just a greetings card!

Please browse these images and choose your favourite angelic "warm embrace of the divine" as a gift card or frameable print. You can be assured that each one is hand made by me with love and magic, freshly hatched, and ready to fly straight through your letterbox. To order, simply email me at and let me know your requirements. Thank you.   

C6 cards (approx 10.5 x 15 cms) with corresponding envelopes £4.00 each 
purse size laminates (approx 5cm x7cm) £4.00
C5 cards (approx 15 x 21cms) with gold or silver metallic envelopes £8.00 each  
A4 frameable prints ( 21cm x30cm) £ 15 

Postage and packing not included. 

I use standard Royal Mail services .

For standard size envelopes factor in £1.50. Small packages £3.00, anything else please let me quote you .  
Prepayment by BACS (Bank transfer ) is very much appreciated x x thank you

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name :A S Knox 
bank : co-operative 

CHEQUES may be sent to A S KNOX   18 Grange Road Woodthorpe Nottingham NG5 4FW 


01. Archangel Michael

02. Archangel Raphael

03. Archangel Gabriel

04. Archangel Uriel

05. Archangel Metatron

06. Archangel Azrael

07. Archangel Sandalphon

09. Hariel

10. Golden Hope

11. Here and Now

12. Energy Body

13. Crown Chakra

14. 3rd Eye Chakra

15. Throat Chakra

16. Heart Chakra

17. Solar Plexus Chakra

18. Sacral Chakra

19. Base Chakra

22. Dark Angel

25. Thank You

26. Divine Rainbow

27. The Golden One

28. The Infinite Gateway

30. Unity - White

31. Hope

32. Healing Heart

33. Destiny

34. One Day

35. Out of the Blue

36. Unconditional Love

38. Heart Flying Free

39. Helpful Friends

40. Path of Light

41. Forget Me Not

43. The Violet Flame

44. Grace

46. She: Divine Feminine

47. He: Bringer of the World

48. Raziel

50. Passion

51. Child

52. Pegasus - Blue

53. Pegasus - Coral

54. Rose Heart

55. Adventure

56. Angel of Light

60. Sweet Laughter














Other Products



When Divine Messengers seek to commune with Humanity,
They enter our consciousness, borne on Wings of Light;
speaking strAngel.
The language of angels is strange.
Hear it not with the ears ;but as experience within the Heart.
Bridging worlds, in exquisite formlessness,
delivering the wisdom of the Ages, into this moment of Now.
Soften into this.
You will understand.
Take your time.
Let strAngel come to you.
Feel it settle.
Rest within.
Eternity dwells between the pages of forever.
The language of angels is strange.
You will understand.

"strAngel" is a "Living book" , a compliation of 44 of the best beloved poems, messages and guidance from my angels. Printed and pressed by hand using traditional artisnal techniques by my artistic collborator Sarah Davenport using beautiful hand made papers containing living flower seeds and recycled banknotes, bound in found materials of leather. Each book is unique. when Sarah has printed them, they come to me, and I add my own special touches to the cover, and hide little "secrets" within the pages for you to stumble across as you open the pages for the first time. "strAngel" feels like an ancient tome, something which has already travelled far and expereinced much; your copy is waiting for you to continue the journey together. When you place your order, I will ask you for a number between 1 and 44. That page will be earmarked for you, as of particular note and whatever message is written there, your angels want you to pay attention. Perfect as an eternal gift for yourself or a loved one.  

Size may vary slightly but approx 5 x 7 inches. Presented in a beautiful silvery organza pouch with the "EVeRYDay ANGeLS" logo and silvered charms on the drawstring.  PRICE is £100 each plus delivery. 



More than just a pendant!



“Divine Trinity” pendant only available directly from “EVeRYDaY ANGeLS”

                                                                                                        Price £25 plus p&p 

                                                                                                  Pendant size - 3cm x 3cm
                                                                 Delivered in a violet organza pouch with a leaflet of provenance
                                                                                  Ready to hang on your own chain or cord


“I was guided to create this beautiful pendant as a symbol of Unity. The shape originated from my own instantly recognisable Y shaped angels, opened out and returned to their most simplistic form of the triangle. The edges are allowed to “relax” and the heart centre opened up. It is a pure representation of the Divine Trinity, combining the essence of Mind, Body and Spirit in a way that can be appreciated by all, irrespective of religion or belief system. The crystal (opalite) represents the body, gives substance and physicality whilst carrying the Light within it. The open centre represents the spirit or soul residing within the centre of the whole. The construct of the shape, the geometry, represents the mind, or knowing. This is both cosmic and intimate, universal and personal, a totally unifying and liberating symbol which converts a simple Truth, through spiritual alchemy into a tangible and accessible icon. To wear it is to declare your Self as Light.”

“EVeRYDaY ANGeLS” ® is a registered Trademark. All images and written material are protected by copyright to Alison Knox. You may download or forward images as long as provenance is acknowledged and no work is reproduced in any way for commercial purposes”

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