The Message

23.8.2009- Delivered through Alison Knox to an exceptional gathering of Lightworkers
Beloveds, we have walked you to the other side of yourselves and allowed you to feel the truth of who you are, and to embrace the potential of everything that you bring. It has indeed been a privilege. We trust that in this silence we have embraced together, you will have recognized those things within yourselves that you have been fearful of, or refused to acknowledge; your wisdom, your Light, your beauty and grace. It is difficult as a human to conceive of these things in one package of flesh and bone, but indeed this is the vessel of delivery. The union of the Light of humanity and the Light of the Divine. Each of you has undertaken a challenge to be able to live this life here in this time within this vessel, and we know and appreciate it has not always been easy. Even for some of you today to get here, for you to share this time with us has been a struggle in many ways, and yet you said yes, and here you are. We thank you for everything you are and everything you have brought. Do not underestimate this. We work modestly, we work quietly and we work with the tools of everyday life. There is no fanfare. There is no showmanship, and you will not find us paraded with lights or false modesty shining upon us. We work in humble ways. We work in truth, integrity and authenticity. This is why today you have been called. You have been called to align with us, and after today nothing will be the same again. You have walked with us to the other side of time, and to the other side of creation, and yet you may feel nothing has changed at all. You will still have your lives. You will have your work. You will have your loves, and you will have your challenges. What is different is how you will feel about them, and how you will deal with them, and how others will respond to you. They will see you differently. You will not know how they see you. They will see you differently and you will see yourselves differently too. We do not mean through the mirror, although maybe sometimes you will catch a glimpse of this difference. But you will have changed, evolved and grown. At a Soul level you have stepped into a truth that you cannot walk away from now, and in doing so you have said yes, and this yes is eternal. You may view it in human terms as a marriage, we prefer to call it an engagement as we engage with yourselves. There is much to share and today is merely the facilitation of what is to come. It is not necessary for any of you to keep in touch with any of the others. You are called for your independent attitudes and your confidence to work individually without the need for constant buffer and approval of others. Of course it is always a pleasure when Souls who know each other return, a family, but here is when we say it will only be through your pleasure that you need to come again. It is not necessary and those who are not here physically today have lost nothing. They too have been very much included in what has been delivered and in their own ways they will know, they will know what has been given. We will ask you many times: Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?, and you will always reply “I AM”, and when we hear your voice spoken through your heart we will know, we will know who we are speaking to, and we will know the authenticity of that connection, of that engagement, and you need not fear, there is no book for this, it has not been written. It has been written only on the pages of time, in Light through eternity; the unwritten story, written. And you will be challenged by others who do not have this. They do not understand and they do not have the capacity to understand. So we have to ask you to discern. Discern who you share your knowledge and your truth with. There is a phrase “Do not caste pearl before swine”, and we do not say this disparagingly of those people, but your energies cannot afford now to be wasted. There is no time for dragging the unwilling, the unseeing and the uncaring with you, even those who are close and you love at a human level. You cannot force these people to make the change you have made, and to understand what you understand. We counsel that you seek those who are awake, or are awakening, and this is where you spend your time, and this is where you spend your energy, and this is the value, the value that we bring now. Of course, you are still of free will. We have no jurisdiction over any of you in any way, and we would not wish to dishonor you by doing so, and so you know at all times that we are simply here. We are part of you. You are part of us. We are aligned and engaged. You will find that you are able to slip between worlds more readily and you will find that you remember more and you bring back the knowledge of what you have experienced. Some of you already have felt this and experienced this in meditation and in dream time. We tell you now these are no longer dreams. They are simply another existence in which you engage. And we ask you to be mindful of everything. Everything you choose has an impact on how you are, who you are with, the things you choose to eat and drink. We trust you abandon faddy things, faddy diets, and trust what your physical body asks you now to partake of because you are changing, and what was suitable before is no longer suitable. Choose the absolute best you can find and afford in all things. Do not in any way short change yourselves. It will serve you not. Everything has to run on purest fuel, whatever that means to you personally, and what suits one will not suit another, and so there is no issue to be forced. We have waited eternity for you to be here today, for you to have listened to the calling, for you to have understood the portents of the day, and we celebrate absolutely that you came and we now take our leave. But we will be back and we will speak to you in silent voices directly, and you will know us, and you will recognize everything about us. You will recognize our colours, our sound, our fragrance, our Light but most of all, most of all Beloveds, recognize our love. And now we have walked you as far as we can in this space and in this time, we leave you to enjoy and celebrate, and we thank you, thank you for everything, and for holding us. For your trust, we thank you, and love, and love, and Light, and Light, and peace, and peace, Beloveds.

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