This is a simple account of a most extraordinary experience which changed my life in the most profoundly subtle way. Within the story, are woven many threads of Truth, each one can be pulled out separately, and still the rest holds together perfectly. It is time that this story be shared: publicly, released to fly free to land where it may. It has taken me 7 years to know how to do this, holding this moment very gently and allowing it to rest within my own heart until it was perfectly integrated and fully matured.
Why now?
Because: it is time.

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A Hundred Thousand Angels

I have set my intention that eventually there should be a hundred thousand of these beautiful angels out there in the world spreading “love, light and twinkles”, and so, inspired by my favourite CD by Bliss, and my own poem “I let my love fly free. . .” I have set myself this ambitious but do-able target. If you would like me to send you a small quantity of business card sized photos to share with friends, family or colleagues (or anyone who needs one!) please e-mail me with your name and address and I can pop some in the post with my blessing.


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