This soundscape track "Angel of Light" from the CD "The Sound of EVeRYDaY ANGeLS" was created by Ian Richmond (inspired by the photograph of the angel which is now available on my website.) Ian has been creating the most beautiful and challenging soundscapes to accompany my artwork and there is a distinct "creative alchemy" at play within the collaboration.

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Please click here for a 2 part recording of an interview given by Alison with Tina Bettinson on 12th Dec 2010 in which she shares some of her personal experiences and offers some insights into her work and the divine connection she shares with the angels. The interview was conducted in her own Studio workspace in Nottingham. The second half of the interview includes the track “I let My Love fly Free”, as recorded by IAN RICHMOND and available on the CD “The sound of EVeRYDaY ANGeLS”. In The Limelight, presented by Tina Bettison on 102.6fm Boundary Sound. (NEWARK)

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