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My work as an Independent Civil Celebrant, creating a Heartfelt Service for funerals, weddings, naming ceremonies and other occasions of celebration. To watch my 60 second video "What is an Independent Civil Celebrant?" go to ~ and thank you for watching!

Dedicated to the advent of the 6 Ascended Archangels,  magnificent beings who made their first appearance on 22.12.07. This site has a recorded public talk, giving the outline of the story as well as photographic images of the unique and impactive paintings.  

Access the incredible collaborative creation between the artist Alison Knox and sound healer and musician John Hofton. The "Awakening Prayer" is set to sacred music to provide a deeply meditative and potentially transforming spiritual expereince. Downloads of words and music are FREE ~ gifted with love.  

“EVeRYDaY ANGeLS” ® is a registered Trademark. All images and written material are protected by copyright to Alison Knox. You may download or forward images as long as provenance is acknowledged and no work is reproduced in any way for commercial purposes”

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