Every name is real. That's the nature of names.” ~ Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl



There are many reasons to celebrate a name being chosen, given, accepted and recognised, not only as babies but at various life stages, and for many reasons.   

Names have power, energy, mythology, history, and great significance.  

Names make a difference to how you feel in your skin.

When you decide to choose a name, for yourself or for a child, it is a big decision, to be lived with. 

If you are looking for someone to help you Celebrate a name, to bring it into the world with confidence and purpose, to set it free like a bird, to be spoken with love, gratitude and respect. . . then I can help you to do that. 

Whether you are envisioning a HUGE party style celebration, a small intimate gathering, or something just for you, a Ceremony or Service can be created to honor that.

We can arrange to meet, at a mutually convenient time and plce to discuss your ideas. When I fully understand what you need, I will give you an all inclusive quote. Once you are sure I am the Celebrant you would like to work with, I will ask for a deposit of £100 to secure the date. 

You can find me listed at 

PLEASE NOTE ~ My work is purely Ceremony and Celebration . . .  I am not a Registrar. You must ensure that any necessary legalities are covered independently.  


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