Only love and death change all things ~ Kahlil Gibran 



I provide a very personal and truly Heartfelt Service for bereaved families, to celebrate and honor their loved one in a way that is significant and meaningful to them.

At such times, it can be very difficult to find exactly the right words to express the grief and emotions of loss. I work without limitations of specific faith or religion, but I am always happy to include whatever feels right to you as your Tribute. 

My Services are usually secured directly through your chosen Funeral Director. You may ask for me by name,and they will contact me to confirm my appointment. Between us, we ensure you have the perfect choice of music, songs, hymns, and readings for your Order of Service.

My commitment is to be there for you; to help ease this part of the journey, to listen, and to weave your words beautifully back to you, ensuring your loved one is remembered the way you would wish.
I will make an appointment to speak with you and your family, usually to fit in around your avaibility, for an opportunity to share your memories of your loved one. I will not take up more than about 60 minutes of your time. From this conversation, I will prepare a service script including a Eulogy or Tribute . I write with gentle warmth, respectful humor, and loving reference to those special times and experiences which meant so much to you and your family in your relationship to the deceased. You will be sent a draft copy of that service script from me by email, so you can be absolutely comfortable with what is going to be shared in the funeral service,and at this stage make any amendments you feel appropriate. You should hear nothing unexpected or incorrect from me, as everything will be fully approved by you.  

On the day, I will deliver the Service, and be there to support anyone who wishes to contribute a reading or poem, if they feel able.  I am your scribe and your voice in whatever capacity you need me to be. 

You can find me registered at and at

I hold NOCN LEVEL 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy and professional awards for "most creative"  "most inspiring" and "most innovative" Celebrant. 

FEES usually arranged directly with your Funeral Director 


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