From time to time I come across amazing people, offering wonderful services, authentic products and working in a way which is aligned to my own ethics. When I meet such people, I love to share their details, so here are some links I LOVE. You may make up your own mind!  ~
Did you know that cremated ashes are toxic to the environment? It was news to me too until I heard Simon Holden the CEO of Living Memorial speak on the subject and introduce the specially developed soil blend that can easily and cleanly be added to cremated remains to enable them to break down natutrally and safely. It was true a revelation and an inconvenient truth. ~ the wonderful Helen Walter is a Celebrant and Ceramicist who creates the most personal and intimate funeral urns in her own little workshop. Watch her short video on her FB page in whcih she shares her passion and insiration for what she does. ~ Trisha Wood is a fellow Celebrant who understands the importance of sensitively made Keepsakes and creates the most beautiful contemporary jewellery from the cremated ashes of loved ones (human or pets). Made with love.  Dave Greenhalgh is a proper stone carver, capable of hand writing lettering and capturing the essential beauty and nature of stone, letting it speak to him as he carves. I have had a few wonderful pieces from Dave, a carved angel and a Green Man, an anchor stone for my husbands workplace, and two "natural rock" memorial stones which are just beautiful. If you are looking for something sensitive, artisinal and original, I can highly recommend Daves work.  

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