From time to time I come across amazing people, offering wonderful services, authentic products and working in a way which is aligned to my own ethics. When I meet such people, I love to share their details, so here are some links I LOVE. You may make up your own mind! ~ Artemis Contemporary Jewellery by Vanessa Anthony creates beautiful unique fine keepsakes and jewellery from cremation ashes, whether they be human or from a beloved pet. The actual process of creating the "stones" is a secret, even from the 3 creative business partners, who each have one unique skill element. A very personal and individual service.  Dave Greenhalgh is a proper stone carver, capable of hand writing lettering and capturing the essential beauty and nature of stone, letting it speak to him as he carves. I have had a few wonderful pieces from Dave, a carved angel and a Green Man, an anchor stone for my husbands workplace, and two "natural rock" memorial stones which are just beautiful. If you are looking for something sensitive, artisinal and original, I can highly recommend Daves work.  

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